Facebook Messenger iPad

Do you want to download and install Facebook Messenger on your iPad? Follow the steps on this page and you can start using Facebook Messenger for iPad within a few minutes. Facebook Messenger and the iPad are the ideal combination. With the large and clear screen of the iPad you easily manage all your Facebook conversations. The iPad also offers the freedom to chat wherever and whenever you want. On the couch, on the road, on vacation or in your bed. With the iPad and FB Messenger you are always in touch with all your Facebook friends. You can download the Facebook Messenger App for iPad through the App Store.

Download Facebook Messenger for iPad via App Store

The fastest way to download FB Messenger for your iPad is via the iTunes App Store. The steps below explain how it works.

Step 1: Open the App Store on your iPad. The App Store is installed by default on your ipad
Step 2: Tap on the search button at the upper right corner of the screen and enter “Facebook Messenger” in the search bar.
Step 3: You will see a screen with all search results. The first result is the app you are looking for: Facebook Messenger. You can directly press the gray button ‘free’, or you can tap on the FB Messenger icon to see more information about the app. If you open the App in the App Store you can see all information about FB Messenger. You can read a short summary, view screenshots, read reviews and you can see some technical specifications. To download Facebook Messenger you only need to tap the gray button which says ‘Free’.
Step 4: Enter your Apple ID and the download and installation of Facebook Messenger will start. When the installation is done, your iPad will give a notification.
Step 5: Open the app, login with your Facebook user data.
Step 6: Now you are done. You can start sending free messages, photos and more to all your Facebook Friends.

Do you want to download Facebook Messenger for iPad through the App Store? Please go to this link and click on the blue button ‘view in iTunes’. You will now be redirected to iTunes where you can download Facebook Messenger directly. Good luck and have fun with Facebook Messenger for your iPad!