Facebook Messenger Android

Do you have an Android Smartphone or a Android Tablet and do you want to download Facebook Messenger? On this page you will find all information about downloading and installing Facebook Messenger for Android devices. You can dowload FB Messenger for Android in 3 different ways. Through the Play Store app on your smartphone or tablet, via the Play Store website and through the Facebook website. Each of these methods will be further explained below.

Download Facebook Messenger for Android via Play Store.

To download and install Facebook Messenger for Android via the Play Store, follow the steps below. Get started with Facebook Messenger withan a few minutes!

Step 1: Open the Play Store on your Android smartphone or Android tablet.
Step 2: You see now the home screen of the Play Store. To download FB Messenger, tap the search button on the top right of your screen and type: ‘Facebook Messenger’.
Step 3: The Play Store now displays all results from your search. Select the first search result called ‘Facebook Messenger’.
Step 4: You see now some general information about Facebook Messenger Android. You read a brief summary of the app, can view screenshots, reviews of other users and you can find the number of MB’s  required for installation.
Step 5: To download Facebook Messenger for Android, tap the blue button that says “Download”. The FB Messenger App now starts immediately with the download and installation on your phone or tablet. In the Play Store, you can view the progress of the download. Once the download and installation is complete you will receive a notification.

It is also possible to download Facebook Messenger for Android from the Play Store website. To do this please visit this link.The Play Store website tells you whether your Android device is suitable for Facebook Messenger. If your Android smartphone or tablet is suitable for FB Messenger, you click on the green ‘install’ button. Now select your device and Messenger will be installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Download Facebook Messenger for Android via Facebook Website

A last option is to download FB Messenger via the Facebook website. Just go to this link. Click on the green button “send to mobile”. You will now receive a message on your mobile phone which contains further instructions about downloading and installing Facebook Messenger for your Android device.